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Updated Saturday, June 10, 2017

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ALERT: SB 1290 (2013) takes effect on Friday the 13th

Senate Bill 1290 (Office of Pest Management) was passed and signed into law on April 17, 2013 and will take effect on Friday, September 13, 2013. Don't you feel lucky? The new law made the move to Department of Agriculture permanent, kept the QP, changed the QP 3000 hour experience requirement to an arbitrary 24 months waiting period, forced school districts to have QPs, kept the TARFs, gutted the yard worker exemption, bypassed the GRRC yet again and much more.

This is nothing more than a sweetheart deal. The democratic process was hijacked - the legislators voted to continue crony capitalism and corruption. Some are calling it a backdoor kickback to the OPM Director. Others are calling it a backdoor tax. In any case, the Director has been legislated too much power to increase fees and licensing. We may have lost the battle but the war goes on. A task force has been formed to look into the corporatization of the Department of Agriculture, who is really funding the Department of Agriculture and the lack of diversity with political appointments. The report should be ready in late spring.

We would like to thank all of those people who took the time to write their legislators, the 9 Senators and 2 Representatives who made the effort to seek the truth and did not vote for this bill. Unfortunately, the power hogs with their political influence and money were able to convince the other irresponsible politicians to pass this immoral bill. It is a sad day for consumers and the small businesses trying to make an honest living.

AzPPO's (Arizona Pest Professional Organization) goal was to promote economic advantages for their members. SB 1290 is an example of the legislature's willingness to promote economic inequity. Failure to enact consumer friendly regulatory reform lands squarely on the shoulders of the intellectually dysfunctional and irresponsible politicians who are more interested in how much money will be given to their reelection campaigns than the issues affecting consumers and small business.

If you need a reminder of why this bill was bad for consumers and small independent businesses, read the two sample letters: pest control industry sample letter and landscaper sample letter.

If history is any indication, there will be a systematic campaign to destroy small business. You can expect Institute for Justice to help at least a few small businesses take on OPM and the State. Remember Rat Boy in 2004, the yard worker in 2005 and a handyman in 2007 - the State backed down in all three cases.

Another factor that has not been examined is the silence of the press. The worst thing that can happen in a free society is for the press to sit idly by while corruption runs rampant. With no one to broadcast the alarm, the public is none the wiser. In this era of Citizens United, corporations being people and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), we the people are fighting for our human rights all over again. I just wish the press was participating.

There needs to be a full investigation of the legislative leadership and the individuals involved in the OPM Task Force as well as SB 1290. Write to Eric Holder, Jr., the United States Attorney General. Send your letters requesting a full investigation to Eric Holder, Jr., Office of the Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001.

While a White House delegate, I was part of a think tank that was asked how the United States would end. Our conclusion was that the country will collapse from within as a result of immoral and unethical political behavior - without a shot being fired.

SB 1290 is fascism and its supporters are fascists.

ALERT: Corruption white paper updated

Our white paper Corruption in the Arizona Pest Control Industry has been updated to include the last three years of events and many more case histories.

ALERT: 336 signed petitions
   - more signatures than AzPPO has paid PCO members

The silent majority is no longer silent! A big thank you to all those PCOs who have participated in making a difference. Your activism will pay off. This is how the democratic process works - you must participate if you want change.

We now have more signatures on individual petitions that AzPPO has paid PCO members.

The following 336 petitions were sent to the OPM Task Force asking for streamlined regulations. Comments that were submitted with each petition are included on the last page.

Petition to abolish the Termite Action Report Form (TARF) database.

Petition to eliminate arbitrary experience requirements for qualifying party applicators license.

Petition to stop requiring a QP license for applying unrestricted pesticides.

Petition to expand the unrestricted herbicide gardener exemption to licensed operators.

Petition to say AzPPO does not represent me - I do not want AzPPO representing my business.

ALERT: Survey results and Burns survey fraud

Here are the Survey results (7/23/12). We also include details of how Burns Pest Elimination tried to fraudulently manipulate the survey results.

ALERT: Burns resigns from OPM Task Force
   - not being replaced

Dave Burns resigned verbally from the OPM Task Force around May 9, 2012 - for "personal" reasons.

During the OPM Task Force selection process there were two other structural pest control members who were nominated by industry for the OPM Task Force - one of which was not an AzPPO member. Jack Peterson has said he does not intend to replace Burns. There are nominated and qualified people who have been participating throughout the entire review process and are available to replace Burns - yet Jack Peterson has chosen not to replace Burns.

ALERT: AzPPO President lies to OPM Task Force

AzPPO President Andrew Witcher lied to the OPM Task Force on April 18, 2012. Not only was his summary false, he significantly misrepresented other facts of what happened at the Tucson AzPPO Town Hall meeting - a meeting that ended before it was scheduled to start. AzPPO posted a false account of the meeting on their web site and e-mailed a false account to their mailing list. We have Video of the meeting - which lasted less than 13 minutes.

See the comments on the April 18, 2012 OPM Task Force meeting for more details.

ALERT: Burns (OPM Task Force) tries to Rope-A-Dope petitioner - fails miserably and gets caught

We have now received multiple reports that OPM Task Force member Dave Burns has called petitioners and tried to trick them into changing their petitions. Burns and AzPPO must be getting desperate.

We received a call the first week of April from a fellow PCO to let us know that OPM Task Force member Dave Burns, who is an AzPPO member and former SPCC board member, had called him up in an attempt to get him to back down from his signed petition. The PCO commented that Burns repeatedly tried using a Rope-A-Dope maneuver to trick him into saying something that was contrary to the PCO's position. Shame on you Burns.

This shows how deceitful the power hogs are. They will use every trick in the book to try and maintain their legislated advantages.

We appreciate the PCO taking the time to sign the petition and then standing up to the deceitful tactics of Burns, and for taking the time to call us and let us know about the deceitful practices. And then Will Rousseau wonders why small businesses are afraid to speak up. Intimidation has been part of the structural pest control power hog business model for 30 years. Come on Will, wake up and look around - observe what is going on around you.

White Papers

The first collection of white papers discus various aspects of the Arizona structural pest control industry in detail. These white papers will enable you to understand the issues from several different perspectives.

The second collection of white papers discuss the issues of regulatory boards and commissions and their affects on consumers and business.

The third collection of white papers discuss the issues of lobbying and money in politics, and shows you how large corporate interests use many means to influence legislators.

  • United States of ALEC by Moyers and Company, September 28, 2012 and United States of ALEC - a Follow Up by Moyers and Company, June 21, 2013. This is a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of - ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.
  • Elections for Sale by Moyers and Company, September 21, 2012. Nothing corrupts our political system more than the ability of the rich and influential to spend limitless amounts of money - often in secret - with the intention of creating preferred political outcomes.

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