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Are you a struggling small independent family-run pest control company? Are you struggling under the crushing weight of petty laws, rules and fees that were designed to put you at a disadvantage? Do you feel out-lobbied and out-maneuvered by the large pest control companies, their associations and their lobbyist who seek to put your small company out of business?

Help us fight for a simple and logical set of regulations. Help us eliminate burdensome barriers to entrty that stop competition and create poverty - such as the QP license and the TARF system - laws that do nothing for public health, safety and welfare but put your small business at a significant disadvantage.

Help us help you. We are now accepting your donations. We accept donations by check sent to the address below.

Please donate now! We want to remove laws and rules that create barriers to entry - that make it difficult for you to expand your business into other areas of pest control. We want laws that will support small businesses, healthy competition and job creators.

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